Introducing and History




Administration Office:
Sahid Sudirman Center, 11th Floor, Suite A
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav 86, Jakarta Pusat – 10220
Ph. 021 – 827 34733

Warehouse and Annex Office:
Jalan Swantara I Kav 8 No. 4
Jati Asih, Bekasi Barat, Jawa Barat – 17424


Introducing and History

PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA core business is on Automotive Heavy Duty such as Light Truck, Medium Truck, Heavy Duty Truck and Busses. PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA previously called PT. AUTO Sarana Niaga. With PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA the business growing and provide more solution for every customers.

Since year 2008, we working together with one of biggest wheels manufactures its called HAYES LEMMERZ, USA and since we are in Asia, we was handle by Kalyani Hayes Lemmerz in India and Jantas Hayes Lemmerz in Turkey.

We are the one who introduce Indonesia with Hayes Lemmerz and we are the first one who initiate Hayes Lemmerz Business in Indonesia. And now Hayez Lemmerz was transform to MAXION Wheels International, USA.

PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA also involve with Indonesian Military Vehicle since year 2009, provide them Wheels and Runflat tire for Battle and Tactical Vehicle.

And now, PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA has expand the business with MERITOR for Axles Heavy Duty Vehicle. PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA also manufacture Truck Trailer located in Cikarang and Surabaya.

Our Mission

We provide total solution in one or other way.

Our Motto

Customer smile is our smile.

Our Core Business

Retail Business

  1. Wheels Rim for Commercial Vehicle Truck and Busses
  2. Drive Line Axles for Commercial Vehicle Truck and Busses
  3. Manufacture Truck Trailer
  4. Manufacture Runflat for Commercial Vehicle
  5. Retread Tires

Corporate Business

  1. Providing Wheels for Indonesian Military
  2. Providing Axles for Indonesian Military
  3. Providing Engine for Indonesian Military
  4. Providing Runflat for Indonesian Military
  5. Providing Automotive Spare Part for Military


Since Year 2008, we start this business on commercial vehicle (Truck). And we grow the same time because we are not only selling the wheels, but we give solution to customer with one way or another way. We grow together with our customers because we believed SYMBIOTIC MUTUALISME.

PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA has been trusted by Indonesian Military since 2009 to design and make wheels rim for battle vehicle. And now PT. JALA SUTRA NUSANTARA support 3 type of Battle vehicle with different order.

Base on our experience supporting military, we bring our knowledge and technology to commercial vehicle for better performance to increase company benefit with effeciency despited with all condition road or condition.

Effeciency is not mean buy things cheapper but buy things correct for better performa and longer used. This is importand because we all on target or goal need to achive in certain of time.

Wishing you all best and thank you.
Managing Director